Friday, October 03, 2003 :::

Wal-Mart will be the Death of Me

I stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home and spent even more money. I finally bought a new phone line, and a long one too. I'm actually sitting at the foot of my bed right now. I also bought some new headphones, and let me tell you... these are c-o-m-f-y! (compared to my old ones, anyway)
And I'm eating a Starkist Lunch To Go. My dad's asleep and my sister's not home, so there's no one to make anything for me to eat. Yes, I know.. I need to learn to cook. I'm planning on doing that before I get married, and most definetly before I have kids. In my defense, David's the master of Fish Sticks and French Fries.
Speaking of French Fries.. I've got a funny story... I was at this Diner and was looking over their menu. I was ordering something... not too sure what... Now there was "Toast" and "Freedom Toast" on the menu. Now you've gotta keep in mind that I'd don't really keep up to date with current events. So I asked the waitress, "What's the difference btwn 'toast' and 'freedom toast'?" And she says something like.. "blah blah blah, same as french toast only we call it freedom toast." Apparently we Americans were peeved at the French again. No matter to me, ya know? So I was like, "I'll take some French toast." And she says, "We have Freedom Toast." lol... And I come back with, "In that case, I'll take an omelet." Now she looks at me like I've just shot her mom, ya know? And that just made my day. I still dunno what we were peeved about anyway... no good reason, ya know?
So yes... David can't cook either. But we're both soooo good at whipping out our debit cards and buying dinner. So I think we'll be all right. lol. We're both trying to stop spending so much, and in turn trying to quit eating out so much, hence the fish sticks and french fries. And I just eat fruit. lol.
Anyhow... I'm done with my tuna so I'm gonna see about putting some pics from Albuquerque somewhere for Cliff before I go to bed.
Oh and Cliff, apparently I've screwed things up (re: yahoo photos) but I'm gonna try emailing you the pics and if that doesn't work then I'll load them to .mac and see how it goes.

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