Thursday, September 16, 2004 :::

another good night

My 0800 class was cancelled, so here I am at school at 0745 with nothing to do.
Not true - I ought to look over my A&P notes/chapters.
Just figured I'd blog for a bit first.

So I had a couple of drinks again last night. A glass of Boone's Farm and half a glass of ButterShots.
Then I went home.

I had been planning on moving all the stuff over to my friend Topher's apt, then moving it over to DD's apt this evening, and actually drinking a bit there.
I ended up just leaving it at David's, since he never called me back.
Not so much specifically that he never called me back, but more like he never said I needed to move it. I mean, he said he wanted me to, but once I had actually found somewhere to take it all, I never got a chance to talk to him. And it's a lot of stuff to be moving, I'll tell you.
I finally ended up talking to him ~ 0100, whenever I had given up and was returning Topher's apt key. He said that since it was so late for me not to worry about it.

He also didn't approve of me having some drinks last night.
then again, he didn't approve of me having drinks ever.

Speaking of people not approving... BoB has not been taking this well.
He says he used to be proud of me for never having started drinking before. Now I guess there's nothing for him to be proud of me for?

I dunno. This whole thing is not having the effect I was aiming for.
Well that's not necessarily true. I wanted to give it a chance before I kept condemning it.
And I have.
And it's not so bad.
I didn't go out and kill anyone. I didn't even say hurtful things. I just laughed a lot at my being unable to walk straight. Can you believe that? Me - just laughing at myself... how surreal.

So why am I still doing this? Well... there's a lot of stuff that we got... and I haven't even tried most of it. And I think David'd rather have me drinking a beer at a pub than ordering shots, ya know? And beer... well that's something I'm having to work up to.
I'm not saying David wants me to drink. He doesn't. or something.

I guess I had been hoping that he'd be more supportive. So far he's been pretty much impartial.

I dunno.
I have no f-ing idea.

think I'll go study for a bit - at least that's something I can understand.

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