Monday, September 27, 2004 :::

fun fun fun

so like... fun stuff.
I spent friday and saturday nights at hotels...

this d00d I work with has been having these massive nose bleeds. Suddenly I don't feel so bad about bleeding all over myself whenever I get nosebleeds.

And I skipped school all week... well... at the time I hadn't been planning on going back. My plan was to just drop out of school and fly a kite for a while.
So anyway... back to me skipping school. I had an essay due yesterday that I haven't even started on. Plus I have 2 tests tomorrow.

And whenever I got home this morning... I was like... "I'm gonna shower and then start working on my paper."
But like... the concept of actually starting on my homework was a bit... overwhelming.
So I took a nap.

So now I've rented another room, 'cause the whole dial up thing gets old ~real~ fast. Well that didn't make any sense. I rented a room at a hotel that has broadband.
awesomeness, huh.

So anyway.....

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