Saturday, September 04, 2004 :::

new job

I'm now doing tech support for a local isp.
It's cake.
I've always been more of a tech support girl than a customer service girl, anyway.
And I'm the "mac expert" at the office since I'm the only one who owns one.

School is going ok so far... I've got a pretty strong background in A&P so I'm not worried about it... my stats class is gonna be a joke... my lit class is gonna be pretty interesting... and... my art app class is.... well... my teacher is kinda... wacky.

My shower at home isn't completely done... the water doesn't get as hot as I'd like it to.
Also, I'm having trouble sleeping. And it's not just 'cause I'm sleeping alone. I hadn't noticed how used to sleeping cold. David keeps the temp @ ~ 60 degrees, plus a couple of fans. At home I have one fan and zero air conditioners.

We went to see Monsters, Inc. on ice. It was pretty good.
We went to see Hero last saturday... it was really good. Amazing, really. I want to own it.

Well... I have to go to work @ 1000 tomorrow... well... in a few hours.

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