Saturday, March 26, 2005 :::

"if you break his heart again, I'll kill you."

I watched to sg 1 and atlantis season finales last night. omfg ya'll.
I was like, ~crushed~ when atlantis wasn't over (it's a to-be-continued episode).

the anarchist hippie and lus were both giving me garbage about being so into the show.
they were both just sitting here chilling and talking to each other while I was just focused on the tv.

we headed over to buffalo wild wing about midnight to watch kinky wizards play. they were really good - I mean, I actually recognized a few of their songs. and I got a really good vibe from the singer, which is a nice change. Not saying that all the band members I meet are jerks, just that this guy gave me a good vibe.
I could be totally wrong - it's not like we sat down and discussed our childhoods or anything.
then instead of coming home (like I'd told the anarchist hippie and his sidekick we would), we headed to the depot district to whiskey river to check out crimson envy.
I had more fun there than at bww. ~way~ more fun. even though it was near dead empty.
the bass player, charlie, had a star wars thingy (yes, that's the technical term) on his arm. I thought that was cool.
also, the lead guitar player, tate... he kept trying to do these awesome fight moves (reminded me of playing tekken) but he uh... wasn't getting too lucky with it. he tried to do a sweep on charlie but charlie ended up boxing his ears. then tate tried to do an arm hold on chris (the bartender who owns the place, and who I met the other night at ihop... I ~think~ his name's chris) but chris reversed it and tate ended up near screaming.
it was great fun.

then lus and I came home and watched some tv while shooting the bull. and I ~finally~ put my posters up.
then lus made ruebens (sp?) for us.
I'd never had one - it was pretty good. But I don't think I'll be added sourcraut (I know that's spelled wrong, but you get the idea) to my hot dogs any time soon.

lus left when spice world came on... but I stayed up for a few hours longer.
and now I'm fixing to head over to my sis's house to play some tekken while the cake's in the oven (can you believe she's baking? yikes!)

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