Tuesday, November 07, 2006 :::

he wants american chicken

I had another wonderful weekend with budd.
we watched the marine (crazy awesome!) and the 5,000 fingers of dr. t on friday night.
saturday... wait... maybe we watched that dr. t movie on saturday? I dunno... but I do know we watched a load of naruto.
like... 8 episodes? maybe more?
we got into a bit of a spat about dinner... I wanted so badly to go to saigon, but he's such a damn picky eater.
oooooooh and we went to sheridan's for a pumpkin pie concrete (yum!). I think that was to make up for him not liking any food I like, and it totally worked.

yesterday was javi-er's birthday. we made plans to go out for lunch or dinner this coming weekend - saturday, I think.
gawd I haven't seen that guy in forever.
and lus! last night! bought a bmw (a green one, that's the best I can do)! and he comes by my house so we can go for a drive, end up going to ihop. on my try to get back into the car, my bodacious hips caught something on the panel where the seatbelt is. long involved story short, I broke his new car. :(
he laughed about it, though, but I still feel like a douche.

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