Wednesday, November 29, 2006 :::

there's only one reason you play cheating songs

sunday night mcrough and I went to chinastar.
I had dinner; he was there for the company.
the highlight of the evening was when I took the raw fish off my sushi and placed it in his wallet.
budd and I were... fighting? I dunno... it really frustrates me that he doesn't eat anything but certain foods.
he's always saying he'd do almost anything for me, the almost being his eating habits.
I was in a foul mood, and either mcrough didn't notice or didn't feel the need to ask. so we jacked around laughing through dinner. it was nice.

monday I was in the mood for pot roast from ihop (we'd been to ihop on saturday, and I accidently ordered french toast instead of pot roast - in my defense, they do sound kinda similar)
so I had my pot roast, and it was amazing. I enjoyed it so much I drug budd and my sis to ihop again last night for more pot roast.

I still have no idea what to give him for christmas.
it's gotta be something awesome; something I'm excited about giving him.
so far... all I've come up with is a wii.
and as much as he wants one, I think that'd be kinda generic.
just 'cause I know he wants one, 'cause all he's talked about since it launched is how much he wants one.
plus, he'd totally expect it. well, maybe not ~expect~ it, but he'd hope.
so I dunno. he likes anime and video games, but I don't know enough about his likes to make an educated purchase.
looks like he may be getting a gift a few months late, since right now I'm drawing a blank.

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