Sunday, November 12, 2006 :::

you're the love I've found

well I feel gross, and to top it off I'm at home dozing on my couch.
I had this extravagant plan to nap a bit earlier, then stay up all night for mass in the morning.
at the moment I'm in a foul mood and I have a horrible headache.
I've been feeling gross since this evening, so I didn't eat anything.
I ate a while ago, just in case I've been feeling gross because I hadn't eaten anything.
no such luck.

and since I'm playing WoW, may as well give an update.
my priest hit 58 on wed, 59 on thurs, and I've been trying desperately to make rank 10 before I hit 60.
dunno how that's gonna work, though. honestly I don't think it will, but I can try anyway.
budd's still 56, and I certainly don't wanna leave him in a different pvp bracket. plus having a full set of gear at 60 would be nice too (I've got 4 of 6 pieces right now; the last two I can't get 'till rank 10),

I think it's about time I started thinking about what to give budd for christmas.
I've already decided what to get my sis, dunno about my dad, though.
so I still feel gross, and I can't think of anything else to write... I'm gonna go back to moping.

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