Saturday, April 03, 2010 :::

I cry alone

things have changed.

he says he's quitting WoW ^_^
I log more hours in-game than he does (lately, anyway, which is why I think he'll actually do it), but I've never been as hardcore as him.
I'll be sad if he just picks up another mmo, but I'm sure we'll manage.
he's talking about actually working on my millenium falcon model! wooh!

I got a job.
some work-at-home bullshit, but it's a job.
I was talking with milkdud about maybe just grabbing a ccna for the short term.
not that it'd be easy... especially not for me. but Lord knows I can't find a job doing anything but tech support anyway.

things with slave need some work.
he's my best friend and I've been hiding from him.
I know he means well, and I need to put the effort into our friendship before he walks.

my truck is still MIA, but my dad has been extremely helpful with the moving.
AND we managed to give the monster-tv away.
speaking of my dad, sounds like he just pulled up.
I'll try and be 'round more often, but between moving irl and needing to move to wordpress... yeah yeah.
I think, once I start working on the site, I'll see about adding the photo albums back in.

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