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feel free to poke around - they're in reverse chronological order, for the most part.

My Trip Home

I went the the valley for the first time in about 3 years... I went down to visit friends, for thanksgiving, for my niece's birthday... but mostly for my girlfriend Amy's wedding.
These are assorted pictures from thanksgiving, going to mexico, a few at the beach... but most of them are pretty random - just me & my friends.
And I took a lot of pics of palm trees... I hadn't seen any since I moved to lubbock... this pic here is in my mom's front yard.

Random Photos

These are random photos that don't seem to fit into any of the other categories.
There are a few from david's friends' (luis & maria) wedding, one of my & robert's hands... one of amy & her family... one of me & my nephew Pabs at one of his birthday parties... and the rest are from lan parties.
This pic here on the left is from one of the nights we LANed halo. great fun.

Squishy & Lucky

This folder is full of pictures of our dogs.
Lucky is no longer with us... and Squishy lives with david.
Here are Lucky (the black & white dog) and Squishy (the brown & white dog).

Fixing The House

A couple of months before david & I broke up we moved into his grandmother's old house. It was... well... a fixer-upper.
These are pictures of us working on the house; we'd planned on taking "before" and "after" photos, but we never did.
Here on the left is a picture of the kitchen before we painted it.

My Various Cooking Endeavors

Any of you that know me know I'm in no danger of winning Homemaker of the Year.
These are pictures of a couple of things I've tried making... Jell-O, banana cream pie, and smores.
I make a mean smores.

4th of July 2004

Well if you can't guess what these are, then you're a tool.
The title is self-explanatory. Pics from the park we went to on the 4th to celebrate. Also pics of my family... and Squish makes an appearance
Some ducks swimming in the pond. squish was scared of them.

WWE in Lubbock

David got us tickets for when WWE came to lubbock.
David, his friends Sam & Raul, and I all sat together. David's mom, stepfather, and uncle went too, but they didn't sit w/ us.
This is me & David's Mom before the show.

Squishy's 1st Birthday Party

My little man's birthday party!
We threw a party for him... got him a special cake and dressed him up and the whole bit.
And this is my favorite picture of Squishy. He's ~so~ cute!

Clifford's Going Away Party

Cliff and I used to work together - he is teh super unit secretary!
He got a better paying job at another hospital here in town, and he took it.
We all went to speeds one morning after work to celebrate...


A couple of days after New Years 2004 we made a trip to houston.
We had a good time, went to the galleria & to katy mills mall (they've both got their own galleries), and Mike finally got to meet david.
Mike's roommate at the time, Chris, had all the homestarrunner figurines.

The Houston Galleria

These are the aforementioned pictures from the galleria in houston.
This gallery has pictures of us at the apple store, of us eating at la madeleine, but mostly they're just of us jacking around
This is me in front of the apple store!

The Katy Mills Mall

Again, this is the gallery I mentioned earlier... Pics from the Katy Mills Mall!
Mike, I forget her name but this chick, david, and I all drove out there and spent the day immersed in the awesome mall.
There's 3 of us propped up against a giant spool of thread... outside some clothing store.

Christmas 2004

This was my and david's first... erm... only... christmas together.
I bought a tree and decorated and the whole bit. I had a really good time, and I think I did a decent job.
I used this pic for the christmas cards I had made... squish & me.

My 21st Birthday Party

I had my 21st birthday party at the hospital on HC4. It was catered and everyone I work with showed up - even those that weren't working that night!
We all had a really good time, and the food was ~amazing~, and like I said, there was a great turnout
That's a tinkerbell doll cliff got me for my birthday... on the box in black marker it says, "ages 21+"

21st Birthday Trip

To celebrate my 21st birthday we took a trip to albuquerque, to the zoo, the aquarium, and the botanical gardens (they've all got their own galleries).
These are pictures taken along the way to and from albuquerque.
That's me and clifford, in my favorite picture of us.


Sandia Peak

We went to Old Town while we were in Albuquerque. Took the skytram to the top of Sandia Peak
Assorted pics of Me, David, Clifford, and my sister Gloria. Not too many of her, though... she's afraid of heights.
This is me & david at the sign. it was fuck all cold up there.

Adventures at G-Spot

We were driving around albuquerque looking for the zoo when I saw this store on the side of the road.
I convinced david to pull over, and we threw gang signs and such outside... and then we went into the store. I asked the clerk if we could take pictures, and he asked if we were cops. lol
Me and david fixing to toke it up!

The Billy the Kid Museum

We stopped in Fort Sumner New Mexico on the way back into town.
It's a pretty crap museum but we had a lot of fun. I hid in an old stove (waiting to jump out and scare david) but got tired of being crunched up in there.
Clifford and David both got a bit fresh w/ the Billy the Kid wood carving...

The Albuquerque Aquarium

Albuquerque has a nice enough aquarium.
the 4 of us spent a couple of hours there, enjoying the fish and such.
here's a bit of me & clifford in a tunnel through a tank.

The Albuequerque Zoo

Great fun at the Zoo!
I hadn't been to a zoo since before I moved up here, so for my 21st bday I took the 4 of us over to albuquerque for a proper zoo!
Look at Mister Polar Bear strutting his stuff.

The Botanical Gardens

This was the highlight of the entire trip for me.
As much as I hate generics, I had a wonderful time walking around the park just smelling flowers and enjoying david's company.
Me and my sis next to a dragon.

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