the pages of my soul...

My name is tina. I'm a 22 (soon to be 23) year old girl living in lubbock, tx. I grew up in a town called raymondville, also in texas, only further south. I lived in Houston for a year, for college... then moved up here for uh... personal reasons.

Stuff that I'm interested in... well now. I'll just list these things out, I guess. I play a lot of tekken, soul cal... I'm really into fighting games, and fps are cool too... I'm not so much into rpgs, though... and no pc games either.
I have an ibook, and I'm an avid mac fan. atm my ibook's not too fond of me, but overall I love apple and have a hearty affection for steve jobs. I dream of the day I have a powermac of my very own.
I drive a '98 half ton silverado... I've had it since I turned 16, and it's all I've ever driven. I wasn't fond of it at first, but I love the old thing... the only complaint that I have is I'd kill for a higher wheel base.
I'm not much for cars... but I think mini coupes are cute. aside from that I ~love~ superduty fords and hummers.
I like fishsticks a lot, and shells and cheese, and mountain dew too - and I've recently come to love red bull ('cause redbulls = pwr ups irl). I read a lot, since I now live alone and my computer works when it wants to.
my favorite book is the once and future king, with stranger in a strange land coming in second. my favorite movie is soldier, and I've no idea what movie is second. I listen predominately to country music, but I think my favorite band is nine inch nails.

oh and of course my plans for the future!
I'm going to get a bsn (nursing) and then join the peace corps.
after that I'd like to go back to UST and get a phd... in either philo or theo - or maybe both.
I don't really have anything planned after that... get married, maybe?

my reason for having a website?
I don't have one, really. I made my first page back in the spring of 2001 (you'd think I'd be better by now) and have been going at it ever since. it's not so much that I like it, but it's a time consuming hobby that I fits my budget and my sleep schedule - and let me tell you those are hard to find.
I blog because when I lost Joe (my last best friend) I never bothered to really trust anyone else... I blog because it's easier for me to talk to the void than to a open up to a real person.
often my posts are raw, and I'm really not looking for advice or sympathy; this is my diary that you read - I deal with things the best I can.

and of course, I'll take this time to explain exactly what *fishy kisses* is.
there are two things... which are interchangeable. the first would be the action, and the second would be the words.
the action: put your hands to your ears (palms toward the wall behind you), suck in your cheeks, and wobble your lips.
the words: at the end of almost every conversation I used to say (or if online, type) "fishy kisses." It was just my way of saying "be safe and have fun." after a while it came to be expected, and then people started saying it to me.
when I was looking for a domain, I didn't really expect it to be available, but since it was I bought it.
btw, most of the titles of my pages are song lyrics... if you're really interested just email me.

I've got an odd attraction to a couple of video game characters - really it's kinda weird.
I think devil jin (of tekken 5) may be the sexiest thing I've ever laid eyes on.
and hwoarang (of tekken 4) looks awful good in his player 2 outfit...

Oh! I almost forgot - people I mention on my blog a lot:
the sexxxy brit: my oldest friend that I talk to on a regular basis. rob lives in england, and I've known him online for ~ 6 years.
lus: my best friend in this part of the state. I've known him for about 2 years... plus change, I think.
david: my second, and last real boyfriend. he and I spent about 2 years together...
BoB: my first real boyfriend. he and I dated for about 8 years...
justin: the guy I'm crazy about. (and is it just me, or does he look like big bird to you, too?)
doke: my last roommate. he and I dated briefly after david and I broke up.
dirty dan: my first roommate that I love and miss sooooo much!
the anarchist hippie: my friend javier (aka: tina's backup friend) that I met when I was working at the hospital... 2 years ago.
r00: omfg I love this guy! I've known him for... 4 years now, and he is t3h awesome! (I'm his padawan, btw)
adrian: I used to think he was just like me, but really he's much stronger.
mike: my absolute best friend in the world, whom I affectionately refer to as "dick wipe"



as always, if you have any suggestions email me.






::: you bring me closer to god :::