Wednesday, November 22, 2006 :::

walking talking true love

friday budd, sarah, and I went to go see the prestige.
it wasn't a bad movie, but I don't think I liked it. I didn't ever relate to or even like any of the characters.
I was sad, 'cause the preview looked so awesome.
and it was absurdly cold out that night. budd likes to park out in bfe, so I'm certain I was near hypothermia.

saturday... hm.
we stopped by the hospital to take my sister dinner, then headed over to walmart to see about a wii.
they had 20. passed out little tickets to the first 20 people. guy number 20 had been there since noon. guy number 1 had been there for 2 days. we rolled in at 2230.
half an hour to wait, so we did. budd had read somewhere that walmart was getting 50, but I was just kinda hoping that in their haste to get a place in line someone had forgetten his (yes, all guys) wallet. no such luck.
drove by toys r' us when we left... there was a line out front. they open at noon.
guess just neither of us was dedicated enough to get one. in my defense, I'd voted for camping a website.

I don't think we did anything sunday.
monday we went to best buy and to a movie.
I finally bought dirge of cerebrus (yes, I too have heard it sucks) and star trek encounters (a game spock is awesome was raving about a while back).
also picked up this movie called 'kinky kong' with a cover that made me laugh. it's just a guy in an ape suit. purchasing it made budd uncomfortable, so I laughed some more. he's just so bloody prussian.
we watched the new bond movie. it wasn't bad, but gawd it was long. especially the opening credits. I don't want credits to dazzle me. I want to think they're not there.
we got out late and budd was sleepy and it turned into him not going in to work yesterday.
I think maybe I'm not being such an awesome impact on his life... but he claims he's happy, so I guess I can either believe him or not.

today's been quiet so far, and I'm sure it'll be boring. with the holiday tooter's not in today and I do believe gizmo's asleep.
guess if I don't get back before then, have a happy thanksgiving.

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